How to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram

Are you looking for hashtags to find interesting posts or photos from famous people? Or you want to search multiple hashtags on Instagram to spend your free time by viewing the post? Or do you want to search for appealing hashtags to boost up your post for business purpose? People search for the hashtags for marketing purpose as well. Almost all types of hashtags are available through which companies do their advertisement.

How to add multiple hashtags on Instagram story

In order to create a unique one, it’s good to create the one that is distinguishing and attractive for the targeted audience.

What Hashtags Do For You?

In the world of competition and to survive in the market it is very important to work with proper planning as well as strategy. Therefore, the hashtag is one of the key strategies that you can adapt to get following benefits

  • Improved number of followers
  • More likes
  • Recognition of your brand
  • Improved sale of your products
  • Stay in the market for a long time
  • Provide new ideas

Now the question is How to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram? The software developers are bringing innovation and has created multiple tools for the entrepreneurs in order to search for popular hashtags and get benefits from them. Some of the common and preferable tools that you can use for this purpose are

Seek metrics

It is an excellent tool that helps you finding multiple hashtags for not only Instagram but also for Twitter. It is effective and has very easy to use interface. When you open the page, you will find the hashtag generator. Just enter the word you want to search for and it will give you a number of the hashtags according to the keyword. For example, if you use the help. You will get the hashtags like helpmehelpyou, weightlosshelp, helpothers, helpful and much more. It is the simplest way to search the hashtags for Instagram.

Use a different type of keywords in order to get the maximum number so that you can collect the appropriate and feasible one that can help in boosting your posts.


Another incredible source that can help you in finding the appealing and enticing hashtags for your post. It the free of cost tool that helps you in finding the variety of hashtags along with the post. For example, if you type play, it will generate hashtag for this specific keyword and provide you about the number roof post relevant to this keyword. For example, to play its reach the hashtag playmates and show the corresponding post number that is 183, 398. That’s mean you will have an idea about the hashtag and number of posts simultaneously. In this way, you will try to create the hashtag that is common and most people search that keyword in order to find their favorite product.

Auto hash

Autohash is the photo generating hashtag app. It is available free of cost and you can easily install through the Play store. Once you install you will able to generate the hashtags against the photo enter in the search box. now no need to do a mental effort in finding and searching the appropriate hashtag. Just enter the image and here you go! It uses computer vision algorithms for generating the hashtags. It is self-generating photo hashtag app that means as it sees the photos it will start giving suggestion in the particular image. For example, if there is present an image on the sports activity it will automatically provide the list according to the image. Isn’t it interesting? If you are hunting for the photo hashtag search tool then it can be a best for you.

Ask Lisa

Another way to get the best hashtags for your photos without doing your brain effort is the Ask Lisa app. Just like the Autohash, it has a powerful vision algorithm that keenly examines your photo and according to the nature of the image, it provides you the list of hashtags. You can choose from the list and add it to your post. The brilliant algorithms have the ability to check the minor details so that users can get the best answer. Even if you have two relevant photos and unable to decide which one is appropriate for posting, the Lisa wild definitely helps you in this matter also.  Show your image to Lisa, get a list of hashtags and post on your Instagram. See the magic you will get a lot of followers for your post.

Jetpack app

Jetpack is the effortless marketing tool that helps you create the hashtags that are unique yet inspiring for your targeted audience. You can add the app in your IOS system and start using it immediately. Although you have to pay some money before installing the app it doesn’t matter. a minor investment can help you produce the double amount. Therefore, install it confidently and start generating the hashtags according to your keywords. Simple copy on clipboard and paste under your post. Another important benefit associated by using this app is that it has the other number of marketing tools that help you in enhancing your social media activities. Its mean it is the complete app that provides you marketing strategies to grow in the internet world.

Focal mark

Another simple yet fascinating hashtag generator is the focal mask. Like other apps, it facilitates you in the provision of multiple hashtags for your photos. The best part of using this tool is that it uses the human-generated a swell as algorithm base hashtags. The human and machine exposure for your photos provide you the most authentic a reliable hashtag. In this way, you will able to create the best photo page and more audience will likely to connect with your post. This is an excellent source to improve your viewership to create new customers. Install the app and avail the number of incredible benefits.


Tagboard is the trusted platform that helps you improve your followers and viewership. It is useful for multiple social media platforms and quickly transforms your content in the display form. If you facing issues in gaining the number of followers and want that your business gets high ranking through the platform like Instagram then tagboard will definitely help you. it chooses the best photos from your gallery and enlists the suitable hashtags to post on your page. In a short time, you will see a positive outcome. Use the tagboard search box to find the relevant hashtag of your keyword. By using this platform, you can directly share the post or copy the hashtags and paste on your post to improve the number of followers and likes.


Trying for something quick that generate the hashtags within seconds? Want to know How to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram within few second? Then Hashtagify is one of the solutions. Just like other hashtag generators, the Hashtagify is also a reliable source. It provides an instant suggestion for your keywords. Along with suggestions, it analyzes the hashtags, influencers, and competitors. It also has access to popular hashtags throughout the Instagram community. It provides three packages, you can select according to your business plan. It provides a facility according to the type of package. The user gets the facility of analysis of a number of influencers, data storage, full access to the ranking of popular hashtags. Along with you get the facility to bookmark your favorite hashtags. You can choose the best one from the list to make your most popular among the community.


Another reliable platform that helps you create multiple hashtags for your post. It has the hashtag generator box. just type your keyword on it and here you go! You will able to get a variety of option. you can copy paste entire list in a similar way or choose the best and appropriate tags for your post. It is easy to copy the hashtag, you just have to click on the copy button and directly paste on the comment box. It generates multiple types of hashtags that include the live, random, similar and top hashtags. Therefore, you get the variety and select according to the requirement of your post.


iconsquare is the Instagram analytics and management app. It is also a good source that helps you in providing different hashtags related to your keywords. If you want to check either you can get benefit from this tool then first have a 14 days trial after that get the package to avail all its premium features. It is the best platform that not help you creating the hashtags but provide other tools also to boost up your business. You get analytics regarding your performance, planning, and scheduling of your content along with many other features.

Including of hashtags has become an important marketing strategy in social media. When you add the hashtag that’s mean you highlight the specific thing. Just like the yellow florescent highlight prominent the text on the book a hashtag does the same thing. It has become one of the key factors to spot your post among the targeted community. Hence if you are trying to market your business through social media especially Instagram then don’t forget to use the hashtags. If you think that adding hashtag is a tough task for you and wondering How to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram? Then use any of the tools discussed above. You will definitely get help and will able to grow in your field in a short period.


Question: Can you search more than one hashtag on Instagram?

Answer: Yes you can always search more than one hashtags on instagram

Question:How do you do multiple hashtags on Instagram?

Answer: When you upload any post so it gives you one box where you can put multiple hashtags so for that before posting you check in search box according to your category.

Question:How do you search tags on Instagram?

Answer: There is search bar in instagram where you can type anything and the results appear.

Question:Can you search hashtags by location?

Answer: Yes you can search it by using location name in search tab.

Question:How do you search multiple tags?

Answer: Search any word related to your category so then you will see many post in results from there you can easily pick multiple tags.

Question:What is Mulpix?

Answer: Mulpix is the advanced instagram search engine.

Question:Can you add hashtags to old Instagram photos?

Answer: yes you can do it by editing old instagram photos.

Question:How many hashtags should I use on Instagram 2019?

Answer: We recommend you to use only 5 to 6 hashtags on instagram 2019 because when you use many hashtags with your post it can be over optimize your post.

Question:What hashtags get the most likes?

Answer:Mostly trending news and events hashtags get more likes on instagram.

Question:How do I see what hashtags are trending on Instagram?

Answer: You can get trending instagram hashtags by the help of viral instagram posts which shows on homepage.

Question:Do hashtags get you more followers?

Answer: Yes, once you use best hashtags so it can go viral and your instagram account will be more view and people send you following request.

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