Most Popular and Best Hashtags For Instagram

The very first question which hits the mind of a common person is that how much grams is the weight of an Instagram? well, this was on a lighter note. Why do people use the most popular hashtags on Instagram and why it turns blue with a hash? When you hear of Instagram, the thing which ultimately hits you is that it’s an excellent app to post pictures and share it with your friends, share some crazy videos with them and that’s it but it can be more than just fun!

Popular and Best Hashtags On Instagram


Instagram Hashtags for More Followers


If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for effective ways to grow your e-commerce business by leaps and bounds without getting into the trouble of market managers and without bearing the tantrums of your sales manager, then you can make more out of your Instagram than just posting your pictures and seeing likes and comments on them.

If you already have an Instagram account for your business but it’s not helping you to boost up your sales and grow your business exponentially then we have brought some hidden tools to ornate your business and make you successful. Before getting into this that how it can help you, what are the ways which could help you to use them effectively and what’s the limit up to which you can use them, let’s have a quick look on what Instagram hashtags actually are?

Trending Hashtags On Instagram


Top Hashtags On Instagram


A hashtag is a word or collection of words with a hash symbol (#) in the beginning. If you are a frequent social media user then you might have come across the word or phrases which seem blue in colour and have a hash symbol before them that’s actually what you called a hashtag.

Popular and Best Hashtags For Instagram
Popular and Best Hashtags For Instagram

Importance of Using a Hashtag for Instagram

When you post something on your account without using a hashtag at that time you are sharing your stuff only with the people who constitute your circle but when you post something with a hashtag then you become connected with the millions of others also who are either doing the same job or want something you are offering. It helps you in two ways

  1. This keeps you aware of your global competitors, their cost management techniques and their offers which ultimately takes you to the point where you start evaluating the does and dont’s of your business and start to work on your flaws.
  2. It keeps you well aware of the demands of your customers that what they actually want from you and what’s new trending out there and what are thing u need to say goodbye to flourish your business. In short, it keeps you well updated about the market growth and your current status in it.

Ways to Find Best Instagram Hashtags:

  1. It’s extremely important for a person to understand that hashtags must be relevant, it means that if you are promoting your handbags on your accounts then the hash tags of jewelry and footwear will not be able to bring suitable gains to your business and you will end up having fewer followers and ultimately less business. So the principal of relevancy must be followed while putting hashtags with your posts.
  2. There are a couple of online tools which can be used to find best Instagram hashtags including tag blender, Instagram tags and seek metrics etc.

All of these tools are easily available, easy to use and can help you beyond expectations.

Hashtag Limit on Instagram

It seems pretty cool to use these hashtags but guys you have to keep one thing very loud and extremely clear in your mind that you are not allowed to use these hashtags as your dad’s money I.e. you are not allowed to use as many hashtags as you want just to make your post look more embellishing, there is a limit put by Instagram that you can have only thirty hashtags with a single post.The science behind this limitation lies in the fact that the relevancy of the hashtags could be ensured by putting a limit, otherwise, the hashtags would lose their key purpose, which is to connect the ones who belong to one another in one or any other way.

So guys here are some of the best Instagram hashtags and techniques to use them which can help you to grow your sale and provide you with marvellous chances to engage with your followers, have an eye on your competitors and keep you going.

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