30 Most Popular and Best Hashtags for Twitter

You might have heard that in ancient times pigeons were used to convey messages from one part of the world to another. In the present times when you come across the sparrow (if I may say) of Twitter, you get a jerk for a while and you wonder that oh my God. Has that pigeon gone through the process of evolution and has been transformed into the sparrow? Well, it may happen in Darwin’s theory but in this particular case, it certainly is not the situation. Because we have left the stone ages far behind and are now on the way to enter digital ages.


Who uses Twitter and Popular Hashtags

Well, when it comes to Twitter you can say that Twitter is available for elite, for the middle class, for the lower class, for the one who masters and for the one who serves. In short, you can say that it’s for everyone. A common perception which hits the mind of its users is that it is a platform to convey your message to the world. Everyone can tweet starting from the head of the states to the ones who serve at the very basic level.


Hub of promotion

It may sound strange but it can actually work for you. If you are a businessman and want to promote your brand so that the world could see it at a distance of a single click then this sparrow can do wonders for you and can really prove to become a GOLDEN SPARROW. All you need to do is to optimize your hashtags so that you may have a complete list of Most popular hashtags of Twitter and you should know the art of using the most appropriate hashtags at a suitable place.

The Popularity of Some Best Hashtags On Twitter

It is observed that some hashtags remain favorite in all the seasons. The secret of their popularity can be unveiled by the fact that there are some topics that are either an all-time favorite of the audience or related to some current trends or social issues so they remain popular as long as the issue remains alive.

Most Popular and Best Hashtags for Twitter
Most Popular and Best Hashtags for Twitter

Importance of Hashtags on Twitter

All needed by a businessman is a market with various opportunities and multidimensional aspects to introduce his product and to take his brand to every nook and corner across the globe. The extent of the vastness of this micro blogging site which you call Twitter can be analyzed by the fact that it encompasses more than 330 million active users around the globe, which means that if you know the art of using the most popular hashtags, you can make your product more visible to the world.

Demerits of Using The Most Popular Hashtags for Twitter

A thing that must be kept in the mind is that there is a huge difference between famous and notorious. Well, we are not saying that using the most popular hashtags is something wrong but all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes they may cause trouble for you. Some of their drawbacks are enlisted below

  • As everybody is using the same hashtags, it may mask the individuality of your product
  • They may trigger some unpleasant activities by building some audience that isn’t really interested in your product.

So guys here are some of the most popular hashtags for Twitter that may extend the approach of your brand beyond boundaries. As there is no rose without a thorn so care must be taken in order to develop some stringent marketing policies that could effectively boost your product’s approach by keeping all the demerits in control.

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