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The company has made this policy in order to explain that how it uses the pii that is the personally identifiable information. It is basically the us privacy law that defines how to take information for the identification, contacting or locating the person. In order to clear the clients about the use of their private information, the company has designed this privacy policy so that there is no misinterpretation present between the client and the company. Here is present all information that how we use the information and what are the from where we collect the data as well as how we protect?

Protection of your information.

We have special security apps that thoroughly scan the system in order to keep your information safe as well as to keep the site secure for the visitors.

All about cookies that our site use

In order to improve the web browsing experience, websites use the cookies that are automatically downloaded to the user’s computer. In the page, you will get information that how the information is collected, how the company uses it and what is the reason for using the cookies?You will also get the guidelines to stop downloading g of these tiny files.

Why use cookies?

Cookies are used for a number of reasons. Although excess downloading of these files may slow down the computer system and there is no way to prevent downloading of the cookies. If someone wants to prevent the downloading than he/she can leave the site.

Are disabling cookies helpful?

If you don’t want these cookies in your system you can disable them easily. On the menu, you will find settings where you get the cookies settings, apply to disable it. Although disabling may affect the functionality of the site. If you want complete service from the site then its good that you should not disable the settings.

Types of cookies available from our site

Cookies are used to remember either you are already registered or a newcomer. These are email or newsletter type cookies.

The other type of cookies is form related that is set when the user uses the form to get registration from our site.

Another type is the site reference cookies. It refers to the functionality of the preference that provides information that how site function when the user uses it. The cookies are set to check your preferences for future use.

Third party cookies

Sometime to get the user information we have to use the third-party cookies. The main source is Google analytics that is the trusted source that provides useful information without any privacy issues. The main purpose is to check how you use the particular site and how we can improve the site in order to provide better services in the future.

We also use the google AdSense service in order to get information.

The main purpose to provide the notification is that there is no misuse of your personal information. We use cookies just to improve the functionality of the site. We provide a guarantee that all the information we use is safe and secure. There is no fear of hacking of any information. If you are still concerned about the privacy you can disable cookies.in our opinion doesn’t disable the cookies as they are safe and does not provide any harm to your personal information. If you have any question you can Contact Us.

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