20 Most Popular and Best Travel Hashtags

It is rightly said that travelling relaxes your mind and fills up your soul. The art of travelling requires only one thing i.e. courage. Travelling takes you to experience two extremes, initially, it makes you speechless with all its glory and then it transforms you into a vibrant storyteller. You should at least once try to visit places you have never been before in a year as it takes you close to the lost part of your own existence.

Apart from just having fun, travelling is something very serious if you are a travel writer or nature photographer. It’s extremely important for a person to know the art of using the most popular and best travel hashtags so that it’s work may become visible to lots of others as well. In the current scenario, Instagram came out as one of the world’s largest promotion hub. It provides its users with multiple opportunities to promote their respective spectrum’s and to grow their business exponentially.

Latest Most Popular and Best Travel Hashtags



There are some very useful tips which can really help you to boost your followers on Instagram. By applying all these tricks effectively as well as efficiently, one can notice a significant change in its followers.

1-Launch your hashtags at the right place:

You might have heard that if you want to hit the target, try to remain focused and launch your move at the most appropriate time. Same goes for placing your hashtags at the right place. In a world full of changes you can never stick to the same strategy because the strategy which is regarded as best today may even not be a good one tomorrow. So try to develop the adaptability factor so that you may have the awareness that what’s happening and how to tackle it.?

2-Hashtag limit:

There is a limit of putting hashtags with your posts and that number is thirty. You can have as much as thirty hashtags with your posts. We recommend you to use all the available hashtags but one thing should be kept in mind that try to be relevant and reasonable with your hashtags. Never just try to fill up your posts with so many hashtags at a single post because it may overshadow your impression and you may suffer reputation loss.

3-Storing hashtags:

This tip may help you to save your time and may resolve this discrepancy of putting so many hashtags all and again with your posts. Try to make a list of all your relevant hashtags and keep it safe with you for emergency use.

It is a time-saving technique and also keeps its users well managed and properly oriented, you may add or delete something from your list as you come up with something new or something irrelevant.

4-Wandering hashtags:

You may grasp the attention of your followers by putting some travel related hashtags with your posts. These posts may enhance the interest of your followers and may help you gain their attention faster than ever.

5-Location centric hashtags:

Always try your best to highlight your location in hashtags along with the picture you are posting on Instagram. It may help you to keep your followers engaged and interested in your work. It’s also beneficial for the followers that they may have a picture of that place along with the name of that very place. Using these popular hashtags may create ease for you and your followers.

These were few tips to optimize some of the best and most popular travel hashtags to make your journeys even more enchanting and memorable as it is very rightly said that usually, journeys are more beautiful than the destinations. So share your journey with millions of others who also want to be a part of your trip. Have fun and enjoy your life !

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