How to use hashtags in 2019

Since the social media came into existence, hashtags have always been a hit. No matter, if you are a social media pro or a layman, hashtags are always well known to everyone. Hashtags are really an important aspect of social websites, and it is evident even from their names. Hashtags let you tag the posts, which will make them fall in certain categories so when a user searches the category, all the relevant posts appear on the screen. So in this way, hashtags can bring you a lot of audience, and can serve as an indirect source of advertisement for your work, hence increasing the visits on your page.

How to use hashtags on Social Media

Using Hashtags can be a piece of cake, once you get to know the easiest procedure that lies behind. All you have to do is to use this sign # with the most prominent aspect of your work, before uploading it on social website. Let us suppose you have made videos and pictures on the topic of mountain life, so all you have to do is to type it in this way #mountains and your work will automatically fall into the category of mountains and mountain life, once you are done uploading your stuff on social website.

Hashtags can be a really important tool if you have just started your profession and want your work to get noticed by a larger number of people in a shorter span of time. Hashtags are the reason that we find most of the stuff in our trending feed, the more people use the same hashtag, the more famous the stuff becomes on the social website. Now we are going to explain how to use hashtags in 2019 when using different social websites for example, Instagram, Facebook or even the business website, LinkedIn.

How to use hashtags on Instagram:

Instagram is the top social website, where hashtags are the most functional and are known to every user, no matter even if he is new on Instagram. There are trillions of posts and topics trending on Instagram just because of the hashtags. You can find almost every interesting topic for example games, beauty reviews, fashion blogs and many such others, and tons of photos and videos related to the topic, just by entering in the correct hashtag in the search bar on Instagram. So in this way, by knowing how to use hashtags in 2019, both the viewers and the uploaders may get benefited.

Hashtags can really be a game changer when it’s about business and you are dealing with an Instagram business profile. According to the experts, a surprising increase of almost about 12% has been noticed in the audience entries of a page just because of these hashtags. One of the most important feature that Instagram has introduced when it comes to hashtags is the Instagram Insight, so let us just discover the usage of this feature and let us know its advantages which make it praiseworthy among all the Instagram users.

Instagram Insight can help you in viewing the total success that has been brought to you by the hashtags that you have used in your posts, so in this way you can have an idea of what hashtag to use repeatedly in your future posts to bring a greater number of audience and viewership to you page.

How to use hashtags on twitter:

Just like Instagram, hashtags have their importance on Twitter too. Throughout the twitter there are many trending hashtags that can be political, social, health related or concerning different foods. To find a right hashtag on twitter, all you have to do is to type the keyword or that phrase that you are looking for in the search bar but with a #before it, so in this way you can view all the relevant tweets according to your search results. Hence it is easy to use hashtags even on Twitter.

Now moving towards the benefits that you can have while using the hashtags on the Twitter. First main benefit is that by using hashtags with your tweets, you can attract more audience and hence can get more likes. Suppose if you have tweeted something political, all you have to do is to use # and then to type without space the keyword, let it be “politics”, so in this way when a person searches the word politics on Twitter, your tweet can also make its way easily to the user’s attention and hence can help you in getting more and more followers day by day.

How to use hashtags on Facebook:

Facebook was one of the first few social websites, where hashtags were brought into the use for the first time. Facebook has made this feature of hashtag, more effective throughout all these years, by incorporating some important advancements. On Facebook, through hashtags, you are not able to find only the related photos only, but also the relevant videos, posts, news or even the response of people in the community, hence hashtags can let you discover Facebook in a way it has never been discovered before.

When using hashtags on Facebook, one needs to be careful enough to not put spaces and punctuations, otherwise there will just an error in front of your screen instead of all the stuff that you expect to see. So with these instructions about how to use hashtags in 2019, one can easily maximize the advantages of hashtags on Facebook.

So Facebook hashtags can easily increase your knowledge by categorizing all the relevant topics for you in no time, so with least time wasted you are able to learn more. And of course, increase in followers is inevitable as it is basically considered as the basic motive on hashtag on Facebook.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn:

Unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which can be used by any person, belonging to any field of life, LinkedIn is some sort of more specific. LinkedIn is a business website, which is specifically designed for the people seeking jobs or for the companies hiring people for their workforce. You are supposed to upload your CV on the site, if you are someone looking for a specific job as there are billions of jobs available on this social website.

When it comes to LinkedIn, hashtags are somewhat of lesser importance as compared to the ones discussed above. But still it’s not like that their importance can entirely be ignored. Hashtags that other people use on their post in LinkedIn, will let you discover same posts by a single click on them. Similarly if you want more people to search you, you can use different hashtags in your information, so in this way more people would be directed towards you.

One drawback that is important to be discussed while explaining how to use hashtags in 2019 on LinkedIn, that the makers of LinkedIn don’t allow users to use more than 5-6 hashtags so in this way it seems that hashtags aren’t that much trending on LinkedIn as compared to other websites. It is evident from this fact too, that hashtags on LinkedIn work only through the mobile app instead of the desktop ones.

Hence hashtags are one of the basic factor of social media especially in 2019, and can make the users increase their followers’ number to the maximum.

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